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Kurt and Blaine are smexy :3
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Just Too Irresistable :iconklaine4everandalways:Klaine4EVERandALWAYS 8 15
Chris Colfer . . . by Klaine4EVERandALWAYS Chris Colfer . . . :iconklaine4everandalways:Klaine4EVERandALWAYS 23 24
Mature content
You've Brought Me To Life: CH4 :iconklaine4everandalways:Klaine4EVERandALWAYS 6 20
You've Brought Me To Life: CH3
Chapter 3
I was super excited to say the least. I would have to keep my sunglasses on the whole time, but I could always sneak peeks over the tops when he wasn't look, just to stare at his amazing beauty.
I pulled into the road that Kurt lived on, and turned into the – I stopped to check my phone again – 3rd to last house's driveway. I slowly opened my door and stepped out onto the pavement, then walked towards the front door, standing on the porch before righting the doorbell.
I heard a deep voice call "Can you get that, Rachel?" At first I was confused, was Rachel Kurt's mom's name?  Shortly after I heard the voice, the door flew open, showing an extremely giddy and short brown-haired girl with a reindeer printed sweater. Who the hell wears that?
"Hi! You must be Kurt's date! Come in!" She squealed. Date?
"Um, OK. And may I ask who you are?" I asked politely. Just then a tall, broad-shouldered man walked into the room, looking at me skeptically.
"She is my girlfri
:iconklaine4everandalways:Klaine4EVERandALWAYS 5 13
You've Brought Me To Life: CH2
Chapter 2
The next day, I woke up to someone shaking my leg.
"Blainey! Get up sleepy head! Come on! I made some pancakes. Blaine, Blaine Blaine Blaine!" A high pitched voice chanted.
"Uhhhhh, whadyouwan?" I mumbled.
"I want you to get your butt out of bed and come eat my damn pancakes! Now come oooooooon!"
"Emily, please, it's only," I turned his head to look at the digital clock on my nightstand built into the wall, "It's only 11:30! M'tired!"
Emily huffed and just stood there. She was a small girl with dark brown, shoulder length hair. Emily had hazel eyes that were behind a stylish pair of glasses. The girl was wearing a dark purple shirt with a musical note printed scarf and dark jeans. Emily was also my best friend. She tucked her hair behind one of her ears and sighed.
"That's it, you earned it." She said playfully.
"Wha-?" I barely got out before I felt small hands gripping my legs again and pulling me off of the bed. "EMILY! What the hell was that for?" She just stood there wit
:iconklaine4everandalways:Klaine4EVERandALWAYS 4 21
You've Brought Me To Life: CH1
He just wanted to get off of the stage, and see his friends.
That is of course until he spotted a pair of impossibly blue eyes gazing at his from somewhere in the back of the crowd.
At that point, his boring and uneventful night became just a little more interesting.
(Blaine's POV)
I didn't understand why this one man stood out to me from the hundreds of other people standing around, already cheering me on. The blue eyed man looked strangely familiar. I know I have seen him somewhere before. Where have I noticed him? Store? No. One of my other concerts? Probably not. High school? Nope. Actually, maybe. He didn't go to my school though! Guhh! This is so confusing!
Why did I care so much though? He was just another person whose name I don't know, at one of my concerts. Just another man. Yeah, a gorgeous man with the most beautiful eyes ever! Uhg shut up, self! You do not even know him!
Apparently I had been standing around thinking for so long that the show was abo
:iconklaine4everandalways:Klaine4EVERandALWAYS 4 3
GO QUINNYMON by Klaine4EVERandALWAYS GO QUINNYMON :iconklaine4everandalways:Klaine4EVERandALWAYS 14 26
Mature content
You've Brought Me To Life :iconklaine4everandalways:Klaine4EVERandALWAYS 7 18
One Hand, One Heart by Klaine4EVERandALWAYS One Hand, One Heart :iconklaine4everandalways:Klaine4EVERandALWAYS 54 51 Klaine in BLAINES BEDROOM by Klaine4EVERandALWAYS Klaine in BLAINES BEDROOM :iconklaine4everandalways:Klaine4EVERandALWAYS 65 98 Fruit Loop by Klaine4EVERandALWAYS Fruit Loop :iconklaine4everandalways:Klaine4EVERandALWAYS 33 31
Mature content
ALTCL: Chapter 11 :iconklaine4everandalways:Klaine4EVERandALWAYS 3 47
ALTCL: Chapter 10
Chapter:  11 (Blaine's POV)
Three things happened on Monday at school. All of which were not pleasant, like at all.
First, Kurt and I walked into The Lima Bean to get some coffee, and this girl kept staring at me like I was an ice cream cone, which triggered Kurt's jealousy mode, and that didn't bode well with Kurt. Once we were back in the car with our drinks, I forgot to put my coffee down when I buckled my seat belt, and bumped my elbow on the door, causing my coffee to spill all over Kurt's car.
Let me just remind you that he was already pissed. The lecture I got on the way to school was one I could have lived my whole life without hearing.
I seriously thought Kurt was going to rip my head off, it was that bad. So once we got to school he hopped out of the car and strutted into the school without talking to me.
The second dreadful thing that happened today was that it was my first time getting slushied. I know a shocker right? I'm an out gay student, dating the most flamb
:iconklaine4everandalways:Klaine4EVERandALWAYS 3 23
Chris Colfer-New York 2 by Klaine4EVERandALWAYS Chris Colfer-New York 2 :iconklaine4everandalways:Klaine4EVERandALWAYS 22 59 Chris Colfer-New York by Klaine4EVERandALWAYS Chris Colfer-New York :iconklaine4everandalways:Klaine4EVERandALWAYS 15 45 Kurt Hummel by Klaine4EVERandALWAYS Kurt Hummel :iconklaine4everandalways:Klaine4EVERandALWAYS 53 61
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Morning in NY - Klaine by FlanFlame
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Morning in NY - Klaine :iconflanflame:FlanFlame 31 6
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Blane Elizabeth L.
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I AM IN LOVE WITH A LITTLE SOMEONE NAMED NICHOLAS DOWNS<3 :D I am OBSESSED with Glee, but most of all with Klaine! Isn't it kind of ironic that my name is Blane? My mom named me after Blane from Pretty in Pink! :D I love writing and drawing (although i suck at it), and I love my dearest IPad! I also love Harry Potter!! But, Pssh . . . who doesn't? If I could meet any 5 famous people, they would be: Chris Colfer, Elton John, Adam Lambert, NICHOLAS DOWNS, and hmmm... Adam Huss :D

My Tumblr: :icontumblrplz:

I do have a Twitter, but I only currently have one follower, and like 5 tweets. So I will only give you my Twitter if you really want it. Just Note/Message me.

Current Residence: Wisconsin. :( I wish I lived in LA or New York...
Favourite genre of music: Elton John (Duh! Hes a genre),Pop, Classic rock, and MOTOWN MUSIC :P
Favourite style of art: All? Is that a reasonable answer?
Shell of choice: Turtle Shells? Seashells? I dont even know what this means. :(
Favourite cartoon character: TMNT Rafael. Jealous? He has Sai swords. . .
Personal Quote: "You don't love a gender, you love a person"


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:icondrscottplz::iconsaysplz: JANET!
:iconjanetplz::iconsaysplz: DR.SCOTT!
:iconbrad-plz::iconsaysplz: JANET!
:iconjanet2plz:::iconsaysplz: BRAD!
:iconfrank-n-furterplz::iconsaysplz: ROCKY!
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Last time I was on here was Feb 24th? I can't even believe I let the time go like that. I forgot about this website, I don't know how, but I did. 

LOTS of crap has happened. First of all, Klaine is engaged. (Old news) But that is seriously what I've been waiting for since season 2 when they met. I believed in them every. step. of. the .way. *sigh*...

Second of all, I'm engaged! :) If you know me you know who I am engaged to. No...not Chris Colfer... D: Haha...time flies, huh?

I don't even know what to say...I really don't. Seriously..the past couple years has flown past and to be honest it is really scaring me. It really is. I miss being a kid :/ 

But oh well.

I don't know when I will next be on. 



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4evaAFanGirl Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Blane, why aren't you talking to me? :worry::(
Klaine4EVERandALWAYS Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Happy birthday soon, Emmy Bear
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BLANE!!!!! OMG!!!!! :tighthug: THANK YOU!!!!
Please, email me sometime okay? I really miss you.
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Llama-Emoji-39-(Eager) i miss you too!! but I don't remember the password to my about you just text me? I can give you my phone number in a note mehbehRainbow Walk 
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Klaine4EVERandALWAYS Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I'm just never on :/
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I'd hate to lose you as a friend, Blane. I really would... I'm already on the verge of losing one of my best friends... I just want to talk to you again because I really miss you.
4evaAFanGirl Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
but when you are... you don't talk to me... I sent you a note and you had read it but never replied... I've even emailed you...
why haven't you been on more?
yellowo4 Featured By Owner May 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the :+fav: !! XD
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BLANE!!! :glomp: OMG!!!! God, I've missed you!! I've been worried sick about you also!!
Klaine4EVERandALWAYS Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Hahaha awww I'm sorry I worried you.... :( But! I've missed you too and I finally have all my work and stuff caught up and I have a better job now and haha yay I feel better and now I feel like I'm going to have a lot more time to come on o.o :D
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